No battery and no cables?

– Energy Harvesting is the solution.

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The ZerØ-Power Switch is a new hand-, respectively foot switch concept for the medical field which solves many switching and trigger functions completely without cables and cumbersome batteries. The switch is connected through an USB-receiver stick or trough a specially configured plug adapter to the switching application.

Based on latest energy harvesting technology, this concept gains the required energy by the switching operation itself. Any external power supply or charger thus becomes dispensable which makes the ZerØ-Power Switch absolutely maintenance free and easy to clean. Due to the autoclavability the switch may be subjected all common cleaning methods. Cable spaghetti was yesterday. The switch can thus be positioned freely were you need it.

In the simplest version the ZerØ-Power Switch is available as single ON-OFF trigger. Modular construction and multi-channel transmissions with unique Ids allows scalability of the switch concept for multi-switching functions in many applications.



 Grafik_no battery

No battery


No battery necessary

 Grafik_no charging

No charging


“Energy harvesting”

 Grafik_no wire

No wire


No risk of stumbling, no broken contacts, easy cleaning, no restrictions from cable lengths




Resists the standard cleaning process in dish washers and autoclaves up to 134°C

 Grafik_no service costs

No service costs


Easy cleaning and disinfection, no battery replacements, no service required

 Grafik_ customizable

Customizable & scalable


Your Corporate Identity in form, fit, function and ergonomic design

Multiple switch functions possible, hand or foot operated, 8 and more buttons